World caliphate and problems of Israel

World caliphate and problems of Israel

Peculiarities of the Caliphate’s location.


The main feature of the Middle East’s geopolitical situation is that the new Muslim superethnos was born in 17th century in this region and it is in full force nowadays.


New Muslim superethnos was born in 17th century.


Historical statistics show that all superethnos and ethnic groups of our planet are created by their social structure, their state and their empires. People fight more effectively against neighbors for territory and resources being with these social structures. The Roman Empire, the Empire of Genghis Khan, the Russian Empire, the British Empire and others (doctoral dissertation, L. Gumilev "Ethnogenesis and biosphere of the Earth") are good examples of empires in history. Great empires grow, as a rule, from a small family or tribe, with very active and very strong people in the tribe called passionarii, in the terminology of Gumilev.


An example is Genghis Khan, who started his Empire with two dozens of fellows in arms, so called "people of strong will", who created the greatest Empire of Eurasia.


The term "Superethnos" was used first time by the historian and ethnographer Lev Gumilev in his doctoral thesis "Ethnogenesis and biosphere of the Earth" (1974).

"Superethnos" is an ethnic system consisting of several ethnic groups, which emerged simultaneously in the same landscape region, manifested in history as the “mosaic integrity”.


Lev Gumilev showed that young ethnos is always expanding actively, "the recovery phase of ethnogenesis is always connected with expansion", "we have to improve the world because it is not perfect", "the decisive factor in achieving well-being are our business principles, and not a right of birth" (L.Gumilev "Ethnogenesis and biosphere of the Earth").


Aging ethnic group loses the treasure of ancestors, "all growth is to become odious phenomenon, hard work is subjected to ridicule, intellectual achievements arouse anger. There is reduction of style in art, the original works are being displaced by compilations in science, corruption becomes legitimized in public life and officers and generals have to obey to the soldiers, threatening them with rebellion." (L.Gumilev "Ethnogenesis and biosphere of the Earth").


It is generally accepted that the history of mankind is the history of wars.

The processes of acquisition and loss of territory by the ethnic groups, as a rule, take place in the form of military conflicts; therefore, no exaggeration to say that the ethnographer Gumilev studied the wars, Gumilev wrote about the causes and driving forces of wars, ethnographer Gumilev is an expert in wars. "The passionarnost of the regiment means that the victory is appreciated more than life, and the paradox is that less passionate military unit dies...".(L.Gumilev "Ethnogenesis and biosphere of the Earth").


L.Gumilev was the first to realize that the outcome of a war depends on the quality of human material, not technique, as some technocratian historians and military men consider by mistake. The outcome of wars depends on the passionaries, and the more passionaries are in ethnicity, the better ethnic group fights and controls large territory and resources.


This phenomenon is an important geopolitical factor noted by the political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski: "By 1914, only a few thousand British troops and civil servants controlled about 11 square miles and almost 400 millions of non-British." (Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Grand chessboard").


We have to be aware that the process of birth, development and death of superethnoses is a natural process; this process is similar for all superethnoses of the planet.


Thoughts and reflections on world politics will be unclear as we do not pay attention to significant geopolitical factors and the dynamics of the existing ethnic groups that are getting old and also the process of emergence and formation of new superethnoses.


New ethnic groups and superethnoses do not appear all of a sudden like in uninhabited desert or uninhabited taiga. New ethnic groups are always created from the old ethnic groups, who got under radiation, and therefore they bear some ethnographic imprints of the old ethnic group, some elements of old traditions and ways. It is difficult to create an ethnic classification and not enough qualified researchers-ethnologists and political scientists are confused in the definitions and conclusions.


New Muslim superethnos is developing on the territory of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Arabia, and goes to the neighbouring territories, such as North Africa and Europe.


The development of such ethnic entities is always connected with the territorial repartition and religious conflicts. There is the rivalry between clans, groups and individuals for leadership.


Passionaries of this new Muslim superethnos had won the Soviet army and the U.S. army, and now came to power in some Muslim countries.

This superethnos does not yet exist formally, but it influences the proceses in Europe and Asia significantly.


It is not western civilization that oppose to "terrorists"! It is a new Muslim superethnos that opposes and this superethnos seeks to create its own state, his Caliphate.


I was aware about a worldwide Caliphate in 2002 in the course of the research when physical process of emergence of a new Muslim superethnos was discovered.


The Caliphate’s political peculiarities.


Analysis of today's geopolitical situation shows that the planet is ruled by two world powers - the USA and China.


Each of these power centers has so called countries of "allies and sympathizers". These groups are competing for global leadership - the USA is struggling to keep its world domination, China is seeking to become the main geopolitical power.

I predicted this situation nine years ago and my forecast was published in the main newspaper of the country "Kazakhstan truth".


"...Then I asked Sergei Borisovich to ground his theory by specific forecasts on the further destiny of specific countries. He agreed to answer this question shortly as there is much of information. The survey conveys a few countries.  China was among them, which is on the top now, and it will continue for about 300 years, according to Kolesnikov, and then it will move into a recession and a possible division of the country into several parts.


.... as I said, our conversation with Kolesnikov was conducted with breaks. Its beginning has been coincided with the invasion of U.S. troops and their allies in Iraq. At the same time Sergey Kolesnikov predicted the further development of the scenario on the basis of his theory. Two ethnic groups were faced to each other, one of which was on the top of its development (Iraq) and the second of which (USA) the development has already passed. As a result, America will end this war with great human and financial losses...." "Kazakhstan Truth” dated 06.01.2004 "Stars rule the future".



I have to say that the main American political expert, adviser to American presidents, Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote on this issue an utter nonsense 10 years ago:


  • "China is not the world, but a regional power".
  • "For China, located across the Pacific, the USA has to become a real ally ..."
  • "Therefore, the USA is not only the first and the only superpower on a global scale, but most likely the last."


("The Grand chessboard" by Zbigniew Brzezinski)


The current situation in the world shows that China comes through to world leaders, and there is no reason to say that this be for a long time.


The current situation in the world shows that China comes on the position of the main rival of the USA for world domination, and all the talk about global cooperation China-USA is nothing more than disguise of the growing confrontation.


Ignorance of the foundations of the world order and consultations with unqualified specialists has led the US administration to the fatal error.


Investing significant sums in the economy of China, the US administration has been very shortsighted, strengthening the capacities of its main enemy in the world arena.


It is well known that the expensive errors are the errors in predicting the future.


I posted this geopolitical forecast a year and a half ago in March 2011 in the Israel’s forum “medinat_israel”:


"The main headache of the USA is China. Pushing the "Muslim world" with China is a solution to this problem for USA. Israel is the atoning sacrifice at this variant.


The Israelites did not believe me at that time! Jews realized finally a year after my forecast that Americans were friends with radical Islamists.


Avigdor Eskin writes: "We can say with a high degree of confidence that the Obama administration has staked on "Muslim brothers" in the Arab world. It is difficult to interpret Washington’s priorities after Americans supported the Moslems of Egypt, Libya and Syria" (published 05.02.2012).


This geopolitical forecast on the relationship of the USA - China has been confirmed a year ago by former Deputy U.S. Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts and the International Monetary Fund.


Former Deputy U.S. Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts told about the true background of the "spontaneous" demonstrations in Libya and Syria: "It is not only oil, it's in Chinese penetration into Africa and that China is building supplies for its energy needs. You know, maybe, that the International Monetary Fund released a report, which states that "the era of America" is over and Chinese economy will overtake the Americans within five years and then the USA will become the second largest economy in the world, and not the first one. Washington is trying to apply for its military superior and strategic opportunities in order to prevent from obtaining China resources and to slow down the development of the Chinese economy."


As you can see, my geopolitical predictions had been confirmed once again. The USA with former allies has no longer the ability resist reliably on the growing influence of China today, and the U.S. administration is seeking for new resources to confront China on the Eurasian continent. The movement of radical Islam is one of those resources.


The analysts of the USA understand that "Al-Qaeda" and the Taliban can not cause appreciable damage to China. Until now. In case they build Caliphate which is "friendly" to Americans, within the boundaries of the former mighty Caliphate, then China will be cut off from oil and gas sources in the Middle East and Central Asia. Powerful military Caliphate and India are a sufficient counterweight to China in the Eurasian continent that will guarantee to slow down global ambitions of Chinese.


Caliphate is trying to weaken and possibly dividing Russia into parts cutting it from Siberia and the Far East.


Therefore, the establishment of the Caliphate is a joint project of the United States and radical Islam. This project is important for the national security of the U.S. and Israel will not do anything serious against the Islamists and the Caliphate. It should be noted that China, in turn, is interested in creating Caliphate friendly to China, as a counterweight to the aspirations of the West in Eurasia.


In addition, the China-friendly Caliphate affects more control over the oil resources of the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea and to maintain and develop its gas and oil pipelines in Central Asia and Kazakhstan.


Separation of Siberia and Far East of the Russian center is an old dream of the Chinese and the Caliphate can help the Chinese in this. Thus, it becomes clear that two world's largest political powers are interested in creation of Caliphate and it is very likely from a political standpoint. The Islamic world still no consensus on the method and tactical objectives of the creation of the Caliphate, but it's only a matter of time.


Israel’s problem.


The problem of Jews in Israel is that they got into the center of the intensive ethnic creation. This is the same thing as living in earthquake-prone region and wondering why the house is falling apart.


As mentioned above, the processes of ethnogenesis are natural processes, and the bombing it cannot be changed. After a few years, Israel will be in the center of a large Muslim country in the center of a worldwide caliphate. The end is clear to all. There is a need in real understanding of the geopolitical situation and the correct action for a positive solution to the problem. The problem is that the elite of Israel shouldget rid of the dogmatic part of his thinking. The basis of any right decision is always from the real point of view.


The Jews have three options:                       

  1. Evacuation of Israel
  2. Heroic death in the trenches
  3. Kolesnikov’s option.


Kolesnikov C.B., September 2012.

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